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HILLSBOROUGH– An exclusive township of gated estates and picturesque ambience


With generous ½ acre country sites to expansive sprawling 2 acres estates, Hillsborough is the destination of some of today’s most affluent. Homes can be as large as 18,000 square feet or as intimate as 2,450 square feet…but they all have something in common: privacy and prestige.  Covering an area of more than 6 miles, the over 11,000 residents enjoy tree-lined streets, stately architecture and the exclusivity that Hillsborough affords.  The town grew up around the Burlingame Country Club which was the first and only golf club west of the Mississippi in the 1890’s.  Affluent San Francisco business men and their families migrated down the Peninsula seeking better weather, and Hillsborough took hold. Famous movies stars such as Bing Crosby and Shirley Temple and the substantial families of Folger’s Coffee, Wurlitzer Piano and the Crockers all give Hillsborough a colorful history. Today, the town is the hub of activity – from the Hillsborough Concours D’Elegance, the Hillsborough Memorial Day Parade to the June Family Run. Additionally, Hillsborough boasts a top-notch school system which is rated in the top of the country with APR scores from 951 to 987. Hillsborough is a fantastic place to live.




Number of single family homes:  3,814           Entry Level Price:   $1,195,000             Top Price: $10,615,000

Population:   11,395

Weather: many describe the climate as “Mediterranean”

July  - low of 54 to a high of 82

January – low of 39 to a high of 57

Rainfall fall  - average about 20” 3


Hillsborough is a Incredible place to live!