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BURLINGAME- A Collage of Quaint Neighborhoods and a Downtown Spirit

Known as the “The City of  Trees”, Burlingame is a picturesque town of approximately 27,000 residents,  just south of San Francisco.  There are about 6,600 single family homes in the city which covers a 5.5 square mile area (3,517 acres).
Burlingame is located on the former Mexican land grant “Rancho San Mateo” which was purchased by San Francisco merchant Howard.  He lived on the rancho and, in fact, is responsible for the many tall eucalyptus trees so well known here in Burlingame.

In the early 1900’s the quaint small town grew, attracting the elite of San Francisco, by offering an escape from the cold and fog. Charming neighborhoods were formed and excellent schools were built. Today, this little town now boasts top-notch schools and school scores, storybook architecture from Greene & Greene cottages to European colonials, summertime art fairs and the chic cosmopolitan Burlingame Avenue – just the place an afternoon stroll, a chat with friends, a scrumptious pastry from Copenhagen Bakery and a cup of Pete’s coffee. The Sunday morning Farmer’s Market sports lush red tomatoes from the San Fernando Valley, flavorful stone fruit of peach and nectarine, and of course, green artichokes from Watsonville. Attention: Strollers, children and dogs are all welcome here in Burlingame. (P.S. Pet Food Express gives dog treats!)

Neighborhood: Easton Addition, Burlingame Park, Ray Park, Burlingables and more

Single Family Residences:  about 6,600     Entry Level Price:       $390,000           Top Price: $2,800,000

Population:  26,000 mol

Weather: many describe the climate as “Mediterranean”

July - low of 54 to a high of 82

January - low of 39 to a high of 57

Rainfall - average about 20”

Burlingame is a Fantastic place to live!